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The Downline Partners Referral Forums
Downline Partners is the first and most powerful referral community in the world!

The Downline Partners Referral Forum is a way for people from all the different online business opportunities around the world to come together and collaborate without walking over each other.

Forum threads here serve more than just the purpose of communication between members. Every single forum thread is also an ad that can be used by all members for all kinds of purposes, be it marketing, support, training, etc... all forum links are ads that you can use simply by replacing www in the link by your username.

ALL the links to any of the business opportunities posted anywhere in the Downline Partners website or forums are controlled by the Customization Center available in the member's area. There you can set your referral ids for all the online businesses that were previously added to Downline Partners. Doing so will make sure that if you send traffic to Downline Partners your visitors will see YOUR business opportunity links throughout the site and forums, even within other member's posts. This means that the entire community is at work promoting, supporting, training, and helping you and your members FOR you! Within the customization center you can also pick which programs you want to promote by clicking the + or - icons to add or remove them from your Dynamic Directory.

If the online business opportunity you want to work with is not currently supported by Downline Partners it means that it is available to be claimed and you can submit it to us. Once added to Downline Partners, your id will become the source id for the entire community for this program. Then a Company Code is created and you will be able to post together with your team about your program... share the work and benefits... grow together, as other teams will.

At some point someone who is not in your personal downline but also is a member of your program might post something absolutely brilliant about your program. On other forums you'd be hesitant to send people to this thread because you might lose your referrals to that other member but here it doesn't matter who post the messages, if you send people to the thread, they will see your link throughout the thread so you will not lose referrals to competition... your traffic is yours.

Basically the better your posts are about your program, the more attractive your program will be as others will want to use your material. For this reason I recommend to keep posts specific to one program at a time. The posts you and your team make about your program increase the value of the program in the community as more and more quality content is available for use with that program. On your personal website or blog etc... you can keep track of threads, link to threads as marketing tools for your program, pick those you like best to recommend etc... As you send people to your Referral Threads, they may decide to join Downline Partners and if that happens, then you'd have a new member for your newsletters.

You also have private Referral forums available to you for newsletters, team brainstorming and collaboration, polls etc...

The point of the dp Referral Forums is that once something is posted it becomes available for use by everyone else just like you can use everyone else's posts... everyone wins. The training sections of the forum is where members from all the different programs can collaborate and help train each others in a generic way, just pure training and advice without marketing. Over time we should see quite a wealth of knowledge in there as experts from all the businesses collaborate and share generic advice and tips.

This is sometyhing that's been missing in the industry for quite some time

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