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Viral marketing is an extremely powerful way to advertise for free. However in order to benefit from this kind of advertising, you generally need to create your own video portal because most of the video sites on the Internet do not enable you to profit from viral marketing. The users only get to enjoy the video and viral marketing is done to them.

Your Downline Partners Referral Video Portal is completely different. We do not sell advertising space to the highest bidder; we provide that space to you and empower YOU to profit from the viral marketing potential of the video portal. You can then use it as your own viral video portal because it promotes your ads and links!! Your ads will always be displayed at the top of all the Referral Video threads! Your ads will rotate from page to page as your viditors browse your Viral Video Portal!

Your Downline Partners™ Referral Video Portal contains the following video categories:

  • Funny Videos
  • 3d Animations
  • Movie Trailers
  • Business Videos
  • Great Tricks
  • Racing Videos
  • Live TV Webcasts
  • Science Videos
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